Eyes of Void (Full Cycle)

Publicado: 12/03/2012 en Letras mágicas.


E y e s   o f   v o i d

-Full Cycle-



“Around the Corner of the Universe”


I. To lay in forgotten worlds

“…dreamt I had. Saw visions of solitude in my mind.

And nothing hurts more than just watching you getting away from me…

(Once again)”

II. Encoded Message from outer space

All the cold in these paths resembles an uninhabited planet in the middle of nowhere […as nowhere turns out to be outer space itself]. Never restrain thy will; this outcome is the deepest particle of the spirit […] dead by consequence of freezing cold.

Let me freeze to death drifting throughout the cosmos.” – I said.

Gorgeous definition is that passion you speak of; your testament is written in the lungs of Time […typed backwards in an alien language]. Everything is cold. […] Everywhere is silent. The darkness embraces us in an eternal slumber that decreases our life and spiritual functions.

Deep cold in outer space: ultimate definition of tranquility.” – They said to me.

There are no chants in the void. […] this mute symphony mourns among the nebulae as the sacrifice of the architect’s grief. Nothing is certain [not even Death]. Oblivion lurks behind me while I get lost in the vastness of space.

Let me sleep in the coldness of the grave of the stars.” –  Then I thought.


III. Protocol System for an Astral Travel

Staring at this eternal sleep, I can see everything. The profound obscurity of the mind surrounds my pain. Some neutral positions above my wing,  I can’t rely on these eyes because this frigate has been ignited. A water-like feeling strokes in my veins, unknown colors flowing past the stratosphere, the orbital ceiling commands a beautiful chaos of lights, and dancing times…- deceased emotions.

My Testament:

Writing my journal, and fulfilling my destiny among the stars, I can see now how David Bowman was feeling alone… I need to release off my mind… I need to embrace the voice of God because I have found the infinity across the infrared, just at the corners of outer space.”

IV. Memories of Andromeda

A.  It’s not strange to fly upon Andromeda without you. It’s not odd to stare at the window and embrace melancholy.

The stars are calling me. The stars invite me to dance with them.”

It’s not unusual to feel alone up here. It’s not grateful to feel any compassion for you. I see the earth in my mind. I can dream only a forgotten memory.

B.- Chaos restrain my eternal will of steel. The distress enchants my misery and turns it into more fuel for my ship. There is no smoke anymore, the fire has already extinguished.

To survive alone in the space.

To carve into this broken mind.

The memorabilia of my ancient home.

The play with my sister, the bakery of my mother.

Father, can you hear me?”

(“Yes my son, I can hear you.”)


“Third Cold”

(Or the Solitary path of the Hero)

Another cycle ends. My spirit connects with draining magnitudes. I can still trust in “the feels”. But still I am afraid to land on another planet unknown. What if I get stuck again and there is no help for me this time? I think is better to continue alone in my travel to the stars.




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